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By doing to Video, what pictures did to words, our proprietary multi-Vantage Video (ViVid) technology represents the next significant innovation in media engagement.

what's happaning?

Happaning is the only media platform that allows users to create, share and consume immersive stories through our ViVid (Vantage Video) technology.

Through Augmented Reality and video sync’ing, ViVids lets viewers navigate between vantage points in real time or retrospectively, allowing them to relive experiences like they’re there… our take on time travel.

Why watch videos when you can be there?

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Realtime and Retrospective ViVid panning

Explore live events from any perspective or immerse yourself in past experiences and enjoy Vantage Videos (ViVids), as if you were there again…

Doing to Video, what pictures did to words

By synchronising multiple video feeds, into one unified field of vision, ViVids lets viewers navigate seamlessly between vantages at will.

Connect through collective creativity

We encourage multiple viewpoints, bringing people together and helping them better understand each others perspectives through collaboration

Augmented Reality Navigation

Uses interactive AR to signify the relative position of friends, points of interest and other vantage points as made available by other users.

No data allowance… no problem!

Our highly accessible platform lets you pan vantages directly (peer-to-peer) or over a mobile network (5G/4G) via an intuitive user interface.

Goodbye Fake News!

Don’t trust just a single person’s perspective… navigate to them all by simply swiping, to alternative vantages of the same event.

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